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Edward creates pop music that clings with the world we are facing

These days everything spins faster and faster, individuals are becoming more important than the collective. Edward's musical ambition is to find the way back to genuine joy, both on a musical level and on a human level.

Naive, life-affirmative, and simple are words that describe Edward's music. Melodies that get stuck in your mind be it consciously or not.

What about influences? Everything that comes in your way turns into an influence one way or another. Edward grew up on a very limited diet of mainly English and American music from the 1960's and 70's. Since then the rest of the world has been discovered. Good music, movies, books and love have added exciting new dimensions to Edward.

Five years ago Edward was almost violently struck by love, leading to music in the shape of feather light pop songs becoming the immediate way to express his feelings. The songs streamed into a recording machine, luckily without any consideration or hesitation. In a dream-like existence the cassette was transferred over the sea, to England. Traditionally the English acclaim strong melodies and so they did even in Edward's case. An EP was produced via Rough Trade Shop (London) own label ForUs. The project was then labelled Polyester.

It still took a few years for Edward to realize the value of the material he'd created, or rather the value of how the songs materialised. As a consequence there is now an EP with four of these songs made available for the Swedish people by Göteborg's new record label Change The Wind Records. This is a good introduction to the forthcoming album that waits just around the corner.

Göteborg in March 2004